21 Jan

Mapubsurcetecran.com: The advertising board specialising in the dynamic display showcase of real estate agencies, by Vitrilia display

 : The advertising board specialising in the dynamic display showcase of real estate agencies, by Vitrilia display

More than a year ago, Vitrilia Display, launched the software Mapubsurcetecran.com. This software solution allows digital screen owners to market their own advertising space to their partners, destined to be broadcast on their screens.

Today VITRILIA DISPLAY opens its direction!

  • A solution that appeals to real estate agencies

This initiative has already allowed many real estate agents to market freely and simply advertising space on their screens, and to reduce the cost of depreciation of their showcase.

Thanks to this new advertising company specializing in dynamic display, Vitrilia display now allows the owners of display screens to significantly reduce the cost of acquiring their solution, to stand out and to increase Their visibility at a very reasonable price.

  • Rates based on the audience released

The VITRILIA DISPLAY software allows each agency to define the percentage of audience it wants to release for advertising. (from 20% to 80%)

The remuneration of the real estate agency is directly related to the hearing released (from €30 to €160 HT/month)

  • Advertising campaigns that attract the eye

With more than 1000 screens online, Vitrilia Display allows advertisers to target campaigns in a very fine way. Advertisers can choose the most powerful screens for their local communication, and so be sure to get noticed.

To do this, they have a complete view of the park of screens at their disposal, with the address of the local and even the navigation on Street View, in order to discover the environment. The advertising campaigns start with a minimum duration of 3 days and on 50 screens, rigorously selected.

The Advertiser then has the choice, and can select his screens according to different criteria: the type of location (No. 1 or 1a), the importance of traffic cars or pedestrian traffic or ink the size of the screen from 46 to 75 inches. The entire range of screens is made up exclusively of ultra high brightness screen at 2500 CD/m² and more.

And to go even further, Vitrilia Display will offer in 2019 sensors capable of knowing the actual number of people near the screen or the number of cars that are passed in front.

This Vitrilia Display advertising board is also available for real estate agencies that have purchased their screens from another supplier.

All they need to do is switch to the Vitrilia Display software with a software subscription of €50 HT per month.

For more information, go to Contact@vitrilia-display.com

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